TAO Feature Films

TAO (Travel.Art.Outdoor) Feature Films produces, directs, and edits full length feature and short documentaries, commercials, and other promotional video and photography. We believe that authenticity of content and subject matter will permeate the marketplace, social media, and the presence of any idea or organization, whether they be a non-profit, an individual, or a large corporation.


The Documentary

The extraction of the cornea in developed countries usually occurs behind closed doors, in the depths of large hospitals. In Nepal, the Buddhist and Hindu temples become an open forum for viewing the simple removal of corneas from their loved ones moments before their bodies are burned on the funeral pyres. This documentary follows the extractions of two sets of corneas from the temples, into surgery, and onto the eyes of 17-year old Jasima and 50-year Dhaka, showing the transformation from blindness to sight, all in the backdrop of a country that is still learning about what it means to donate tissue.


Before I Burn  premiered in early June 2014 at the Albuquerque Film and Media Experience in New Mexico, USA as a feature-length documentary, followed by a screening at the Logan Film Festival. The release date to the general public will be on November 1, 2014 and DVD copies can be purchased on this site at that time.